Technology Consulting

Are you facing any of the following technology related challenges in your organization?


Having serviced hundreds of my customers, I clearly see there is a gap that I can fill by creating a product or service of my own, but we do not have the DNA of building intellectual property – can you help?
Yes, UniPropitia will get engaged in first understanding your idea and then conduct due diligence to qualify the idea. Thereafter, we will suggest ways on monetizing the same by deploying high caliber technology and sales resources. As long as the idea is feasible, UniPropitia can help you to get the product developed by leveraging our network in the US and India. UniPropitia will also help you document your idea into detailed technical specifications, requirements and design in a manner conducive to offshore development and delivery.

I am tired of selling the same standard technologies and boxes from reputed manufacturers around the globe. To make things worse, these manufacturers appoint several local partners in my geography – and this erodes my margins. I would like to pick up unique products and services that can be disruptive, less competitive and more fun to sell – can you help?
Yes, UniPropitia executives serve as advisors or consultants for several start-ups as well as larger companies in the US, India, Far-East and Middle-East. In the process, UniPropitia is exposed to some of the key, breakthrough technologies that are being developed by several companies around the globe. Should there be a right fit between your requirement and the unique products being developed by these companies, UniPropitia will make the necessary connections to get you going.

I have a brilliant idea, but I am busy with the everyday operations of my current business and am also strapped for cash. If only I can find a way to get the product developed out of my idea with a shoe-string budget, I feel I can make a paradigm shift in my organization as well as create a buzz in the market – can you help?
Yes, UniPropitia will help you validate your ideas by deploying high caliber CTO level resources. Additionally, we can help you strike the right partnerships with a top tier IT company that will be willing to take the risk of developing the product or service within your budgets – by sharing the upside when the product goes mainstream. UniPropitia has an established network of relationships with some of the top tier vendors around the globe – which will be of immense benefit to you.

I have a product or service developed for a specific vertical market, but I am afraid we are limiting the potential of the product by not exploring other markets, as we do not have the domain knowledge associated with those markets – can you help?
Yes, UniPropitia can deploy high caliber technical and sales resources with appropriate domain knowledge and also identify the gaps between your product / service and the new markets that you would like to pursue.

I know I need to innovate or create new products / services for the long term sustainability of my company, and also for better valuation of my company. I don’t know where to start – can you help?
Yes, UniPropitia can deploy a high caliber CTO to work with you for about 10 hours a week – at a subsidized rate – figuring out what you do, how you do it, what your customers are looking for and other key aspects. We can ensure you that we will come up with the right idea in less than 90 days of our engagement.