Corporate Advisory

Are you facing any of the following corporate challenges in your organization?

Our company’s revenues are $100M but when I go to sell my company, I am not even getting a valuation of $50M. What’s wrong with this picture? What should I be doing now in my business to earn a better valuation for my company one or two years down the road? Can you help?

It doesn’t matter what I do, my net profits are magically at 8%. What should I be doing to change this picture? Can you advise?

I have reached a stage where I can’t grow any further, but I need to scale further. But, my company’s DNA doesn’t allow me to do that. Can you help?

I work very hard but the company hardly breaks even or just cuts a loss – can you help to TURN this AROUND?

I have been fortunate to earn profits to the tune of $10 mn over the last 5 years, but all my eggs are in one basket, that is my company. I would like to diversify by investing in other areas like biotech, high tech, green space, etc. Can you help?

I would like to expand my business by acquiring companies in my industry or other industries – can you help?

I would like to geographically diversify my business – can you help?

I would like to cut my operating costs by outsourcing some of our routine / mundane tasks to the right, reliable player in India (or elsewhere) and increase my profits – can you help?

I am tired of selling the same standard technologies and boxes from reputed manufacturers around the globe. In addition, these manufacturers appoint several local partners in my geography – and this erodes my margins. I would like to pick up unique products and services that can be disruptive, less competitive and more fun to sell – can you help?

I am convinced that I want to grow organically, but I realize that I need to do a DNA turn-around within my organization – can you help?

There is a major disconnect between our finance department and sales and delivery teams within our organization, but we cannot afford any expensive CRM solutions at this time. We need a quick fix in less than 90 days to bridge these gaps operationally with simple and easy to understand processes and tools – can you help?

I want every one of my employees to think like entrepreneurs and understand the pains I have been through in building this company. I would like to inculcate the “intrapreneurship” culture within my organization – can you help?

I have acquired a company, but I am dealing with a whole set of post-merger integration issues – can you help?

Our answer is a big YES to all of the above!