Project Management

UniPropitia offers end-to-end project management solutions across major industry verticals. Key drivers for our clients to engage us, are cost-cutting and on-time delivery.

Should you want to lower operating costs by outsourcing some of your routine / mundane tasks to the right, reliable player and increase your profits, we can help.

If you wish to cut operating costs and do rapid development of a new software product, we’d be happy to assist.

Consider this, too – if you have secured a large project in deploying an electrical substation in Africa, but don’t have a high power project management resource to manage the project across continents, cultures and timelines, we can be of help. Alternatively, if you have secured a project in Africa, but the customers over there do not specify the requirements in detail like the US customers – and you do not have the culture to develop the specifications and implement the same – engage us!