Corporate Governance

Following the global economic crisis in recent years and its impact on many economies, governments and the corporate sector at large have had to review, fundamentally and holistically, the way they are governed. Financial governance, transparency and enterprise risk management have become more important and, in many cases, critical in building and sustaining competitiveness. For SMEs in particular, embracing corporate governance has become a key enabler, making them sustainable with a better value for the long term. It is about greater access to finance, talent and management expertise for growth.

Previously corporate governance was seen as something “good to have” and only large multinational corporations were in a position to embrace such practices. Now, all organizations – large, small and even micro firms – must embrace some degree of corporate governance to be accountable and transparent to their stakeholders.


UniPropitia has the necessary pool of experts on board who deliver the down to earth practical advice and support in implementing corporate governance related good practices for the SME’s, clearly understanding the realities of budgets, resources and other constraints of SMEs.


Following are some of the ways UniPropitia can help any growing SME and / or  family-run business, to implement corporate governance within their budgets:

  • Help the SME stakeholders understand trends, principles and common sense practices of corporate governance on one-on-one basis
  • Implement top 5 practices in a systematic fashion over a period of 6 months after understanding the business and industry of the SME. UniPropitia has invested in the corporate governance framework tools to study the gaps in the SMEs, so that, the impact of such practices after implementation can be measured by the stakeholders.
  • Offer several of the professionals from UniPropitia to serve on your board as advisors or directors for a subsidized fee provided there is a match between the company’s requirement and the expertise of the professionals in UniPropitia.
  • Help you recruit the board of advisors and board of directors as required from anywhere in the globe.

If you believe you are ready to face the realities of corporate governance gaps in your business, please contact UniPropitia right away to get you ready with the corporate governance framework.