This is the first venture of UniPropitia launched recently in the region.

hyjiya is a simple, ready-to-use and very robust web-based solution that offers a platform for an individual to maintain his / her medical and healthcare records.

It is designed to be interactive and to evolve with medical history of an individual and his / her family and:
- Offers a common platform for Patient and Health Care Providers
- Is extremely user-friendly with simple and intuitive user interface
- Is a paper-less Concept which helps in saving time & money
- Has highest security at User Level, Module Level, Form Level, & Database Level
- Provides confidential Data locking
- Allows you to scan & Upload Health Record
- Supports wallet record printing
- Seamlessy integrates with Mobile SMS (for reminder, alerts, notices, etc.) & Email Services

It offers a common platform for Patient and Health Care Providers, is extremely user-friendly with simple and intuitive user interface and is a paper-less concept which helps in saving time & money.

It seamlessly integrates with Mobile Technologies (for reminders, alerts, notices, etc.) & Email Services.

hyjiya is the harnessing of technology that is a first of its kind in healthcare – a way for patients and the public at large, to get more control of their own health, take responsibility for it and utilize modern medicine to its greatest potential.

The hyjiya ecosystem depends on its service partners and contributors for its functioning and sustenance – and various providers form an integral part of this socially responsible and sensitive, scalable and enormously beneficial service.

The hyjiya ecosystem

The hyjiya ecosystem is a multi-functional, cross-disciplinary, robust, secure and future-ready online PHR platform.

The central component of the hyjiya ecosystem is the hyjiya platform, resident on a secure hyjiya server. This platform can be accessed by registered users and partners via the hyyjiya application, through a web browser on a PC, tablet PC and mobile phone.

On a larger scale, multiple service providers (labs, hospitals, clinics, blood banks, paramedics, independent medical practitioners) – can simultaneously communicate on the secure hyjiya platform with multiple stakeholders (like schools, colleges, medical regulatory bodies, corporates, banks, insurance companies and others) – making it one giant, seamless online community, all interacting with each other to enhance the speed and quality of healthcare.

Visit the hyjiya website

Adapted for hyjiya from VTT Research Report: Feelgood – Ecosystem of PHR based products and services