This venture was conceived by a group of close friends, for their friends and the community in Chennai, India – and UniPropitia was glad to assist and co-invest in this unique and novel venture.

Envizen is a venture aimed at offering a solution to minimize water wastage in Chennai, by introducing state-of-the-art steam cleaning methods to wash and maintain cars.

It is designed to be eco-friendly not only due to the minimal use of water (as steam), but also due to the fact that its processes are completely chemical-free. In a growing metropolis where over a 100,000 cars are added to the city’s streets every quarter, Envizen aims to save at least a million liters of water every month, that would otherwise have been used for cleaning cars!

Envizen’s approach is a radical new concept for Chennai – a place where tradition and customs are deep-rooted in everyday life, despite being a front-runner in the technology space in India.

This venture also aims to create awareness about the hazards of common and persistent ailments caused by microbial residents of cars – dust mites, fungal spores and viral cysts – and work towards bettering overall community health by this minimizing risk with steam cleaning. Steam is among nature’s best cleaning agents – and Envizen will now harness its inherent germicidal properties to better the “health” of cars in Chennai!