Advanced Entrepreneur Development Program

A paid, privileged program for helping potential entrepreneurs harness their true potential. Designed in collaboration with leading institutes and incubation centers, this is a promising start for budding entrepreneurs to engage their energies, learn the ropes and channelize their ideas to fruition.



The Advanced Program aims to identify and create innovators, provide training for entrepreneurs through various stages (SEED, GROWTH and FRUIT™) and handhold them through various process of setting up their business in UAE. It is designed to help prospective entrepreneurs to get an entry into Dubai Silicon Oasis Incubation Center and other Incubation Centers in Dubai, and qualify to pitch for investments and business networking.

The ultimate objective is to create, out of UAE, the next best world invention within the coming 36 months.

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Dubai Incubation Centers

Leading UAE Banks, including


Modules Covered:

Demystifying Entrepreneurship

DSO Incubation Center - An Overview

Cisco registration & Introduction to Cisco Virtual Learning and Webex tool

Local Entrepreneur Presentation - Technology

Myths, Realities and Paradoxes

Entrepreneurial Process

Entrepreneurial Mind in Thought & Action

Entrepreneurial Manager

Founder's Competence Inventory

Local Entrepreneur Presentation - Non Technology

Finance for Non Finance


Modules Covered:

Options for starting a Business

Importance of Branding and Identity

Business Partners

Business Plan fundamentals and review at least 2 plans

Straight Talk Express

Funding Strategies

Sales Skills and Sales Management

Assignments and Participant Handouts Completion

Team Presentations by Participants

Feedback from UniPropitia for participants


Modules Covered:


Managing Rapid Growth beyond start up

The Deal - Valuation, Structure and Negotiation for Exit

Review of Founder's Competence Inventory

Mock Presentations by the Participants

Fine Tuning the Business Plan for presentation

Introduction to Investors, Panel

Start up Check List

Panel Judgement

Networking and Celebration


Expected from participants

You need to dedicate 6 days (2 days per month for 3 months) for classroom sessions and 3 months for an online course, to take you through the various phases from Seed to Growth to Fruit. You should be willing to develop your thoughts and put them in action in between the sessions and be prepared to share it with others - essentially, dedicate your mental bandwidth for exploring ideas and concepts that keep popping in your head.

At the end of the 3rd stage, you should be able to accomplish the following, depending upon the efforts taken by you: qualify your idea, convert your idea with concrete steps required to execute a monetizing plan, pitch your plan in front of several qualified investors in the region and more… Of course, the team from UniPropitia will be with you every step of the way after every session to walk you through the process.


The Cisco Certification of Completion for Advanced EDP will be awarded on completion of the "Starting a Business" Workshop. This is specifically designed to empower individuals who want to start a small to medium-sized business or who are already operating one. Successful business ownership requires not only choosing the right type of business but an understanding of legal requirements, accounting, management, and marketing. A business plan pulls all these components together. Most people fail in business because they make avoidable mistakes. This workshop teaches what those mistakes are and how to avoid them.

Cisco Starting a Business Workshop  Download Brochure


Benefits to participants

  • Interactive, comprehensive and hands-on Program
  • Learn to be an innovator
  • Learn to identify every opportunity around you to create a successful venture
  • Free Business Plan review and Consulting
  • A Certificate of Completion from the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute
  • Networking with fellow professionals, entrepreneurs and to-be entrepreneurs
  • Opportunity to win a Seed Fund up to AED 100,000* (subject to selection criteria)
  • Opportunity to explore the competencies required to be an entrepreneur and develop the roadmap to gain such competencies
  • Learn to avoid costly mistakes before / after you start a venture
  • Direct exposure to ground reality faced by the local entrepreneurs – both good and bad, and a mentoring alliance with one of the local entrepreneurs
  • Up to four hours of private counseling for each individual (on need basis) during the quarter in between scheduled programs
  • Introduction to business incubation centers in Dubai
  • Opportunity to present your plans to qualified private and institutional investors

Program Schedule & Fee Structure


Batch 1:
27th and 28st of Jan 2012

Batch 2:
20th and 21st of Apr 2012

Batch 3:
20th and 21st of Jul 2012

Batch 4:
26th and 27th of Oct 2012


Batch 1:
24th and 25th of Feb 2012

Batch 2:
25th and 26th of May 2012

Batch 3:
24th and 25th of Aug 2012

Batch 4:
23rd and 24th of Nov 2012


Batch 1:
23rd and 24th of Mar 2012

Batch 2:
22nd and 23rd of Jun 2012

Batch 3:
21st and 22nd of Sep 2012

Batch 4:
21st and 22nd of Dec 2012


Investment: AED 10000

Special offer: Finance at 0 % Interest for 6 months from leading Banks in UAE

The Cisco Certification of Completion for Advanced EDP will be awarded on completion of the "Starting a Business" Workshop.