About Us


is derived from the word Propitious which means “an opportunity that cannot be overlooked”. UniPropitia is in the business of guiding companies, entrepreneurs and to be entrepreneurs from the pre-start to launch to growth to exit stages.

At the pre-start stage:

We provide the training, guidance and counseling required for the entrepreneurs to understand the entrepreneurial process, identifying the opportunity, understanding the myths and realities of entrepreneurship, introspecting the founder’s competence inventory and more. In a nutshell we help demystify the entrepreneurship for college students and corporate employees with an entrepreneurial itch.

For existing entrepreneurial set ups:

We help with funding, corporate advisory services, business re-engineering services, strategies to scale and / or globalize the companies and more. Besides providing strategic consulting, UniPropitia provides very high caliber resource capital at subsidized cost to accelerate growth.

For established, matured organizations:

We help the stakeholders to step back and understand the valuation of the company if they choose to sell that company during that year. If the valuation is not up to the expectation of the stakeholders then we help implement the turnaround strategies required to achieve better valuation one or two years down the road either organically or by acquisitions. In the process, UniPropitia deploys resources to promote intrapreneurship and provide the necessary technology and business consulting required to promote the innovative and out of the box thinking, etc. Additionally, UniPropitia helps the company to be due diligence ready from a variety of perspectives instead of just being ready from a financial perspective.

In essence, UniPropitia is engaged with entrepreneurs in the entire life cycle of companies from start up planning to achieving growth to pursing exit strategies!